The Sheiling Braes by Melinda Crawford is released!

The Sheiling Braes, Melinda CrawfordA new CD of Scottish fiddle music, The Sheiling Braes, has been released by Melinda Crawford.  The CD includes original and traditional Scottish fiddle tunes played by Melinda (fiddle), Dan Perttu (keyboards), and a number of colleagues (percussion). I edited and mixed the final tracks here at Robison Productions.

This project was particularly interesting for me in a couple of ways. First of all, after a long string of classical music projects, it was nice to do something a little different. Mixing fiddle tunes has its own set of challenges and rewards. Secondly, this was a project made possible by the miracles of modern technology. Although I consider Melinda and Dan to be friends as well as clients, I have never actually met them. They did the original multi-track recordings themselves in their home in PA and then shared the raw files with me via DropBox. I edited and mixed the tracks in my studio and sent trial mixes and revisions back the same way. It took some time, but it worked remarkably well.

For more information on The Sheiling Braes and Melinda Crawford, please visit her website.  The CD can be purchased at CD Baby and other online outlets. Have a look and listen!